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Thematic bibliographic guides provide an introductory overview of key thinkers to a particular topic.

Islamic Philosophy: An Introduction
by Oliver Leaman
Philosophy flourished in the Islamic world for many centuries, and continues to be a significant feature of cultural life today. Indeed, the compilation of biographical dictionaries has long been a tradition within Islamic culture. The issue of the definition of Islamic philosophy has been controversial, and it probably should be classified as an essentially contested concept. There is nothing specifically Islamic about this issue, it occurs in all systems of philosophy which are classified under the label of a particular religion. 
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Idealism and Realism in German Philosophy
by Christopher Adair-Toteff
It is almost impossible to distill four centuries of German philosophy into a few pages, but one way to approach this problem is to consider that there have been two forces that have tended to dominate German philosophical thought—realism and idealism. Stated crudely, realism emphasizes the objective and the empirical world; idealism stresses the subjective and the thinking mind.
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