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What content is available in Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers?

Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers brings together over 6,500 articles on those individuals who have made a contribution to the history of thought and philosophy. Each entry covers the life, work and reception of a figure. Contextual understanding is offered by an interactive timeline illustrating relationships with notable events in politics, society, the arts and science.

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Is the content included in Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers available online anywhere else?

A limited number of dictionaries have been available through Oxford Reference Online. These include The Biographical Dictionary of American Economists, The Biographical Encyclopedia of Islamic Philosophy, The Dictionary of Modern American Philosophers, and The Biographical Dictionary of British Economists. All entries in the Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers are fully-indexed exclusively for the resource and can be cross-searched with other related content on the site.

What do we mean by a global history of thought?

We cover figures from a diverse range of traditions and regions around the world. We are interested in changing the conception of the canon by taking a broad and inclusive approach to the history of philosophy and including individuals often overlooked in traditional historical surveys.

Designed to grow year on year, we launch with 6,500 articles covering thinkers from the Middle East, North America, Britain and Ireland. Figures from Europe, Asia, Latin American and Africa will be added each year.

How is ‘philosopher’ defined?

Our definition of philosopher is broad. It applies to those who have made contributions to philosophical thought regardless of professional field, academic career, or professional title. This means we feature figures from other intellectual domains such as classics, literature, religion, theology, the arts, history, law, politics, economics, and the sciences.

What time period is covered?

We cover 16th to 20th century North America, Britain, and Ireland and 1,400 years of the Islamic philosophical tradition.

Will the resource be updated?

Yes, new and revised content will be added to Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers twice a year at no extra charge. Updates will include new entries to regions and time periods as well as updates to the timeline.

Who is the resource for?

Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophy is an invaluable resource for students, scholars and researchers studying philosophy, history, literature, theology, religious studies and the history of science, classics and economics.