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The Encyclopedia is designed to grow each year. We launched with 6,500 modern thinkers from North America, Britain, Ireland and the Middle East.

Last year we extended our coverage of European countries, with over 1,000 seventeenth and eighteenth-century French, German and Dutch thinkers.

From 2020 we broaden our regions to include thinkers from Asia, South America and Africa.

The first set of entries on modern Indian philosophers are due to be added in September 2020.

Entries on the following are now available:

Entries on the following are coming soon:
  • Twentieth-Century British Philosophers
  • Nineteenth-Century British Philosophers
  • Eighteenth-Century British Philosophers
  • Seventeenth-Century British Philosophers
  • Modern American Philosophers
  • Early American Philosophers
  • Irish Philosophers
  • Islamic Philosophers
  • American Economists
  • British Economists
  • British Scientists
  • British Classicists
  • German Philosophers
  • French Philosophers
  • Dutch Philosophers
  • African Philosophers  
  • Chinese Philosophers   
  • Indian Philosophers 
  • Italian Philosophers
  • Japanese Philosophers 
  • Korean Philosophers
  • Russian Philosophers       
  • Spanish Philosophers     
  • South American Philosophers

Image credits (top to bottom): Samuel Johnson: Image by Sir Joshua Reynolds / Getty Images; Ibn Rushd (Averroes): Photo by Design Pics / Ken Welsh / Getty Images; Sojourner Truth: Image by Hulton Archive / Staff / Getty Images; Karl Marx: Photo by Bettmann / Getty Images